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Nicoll Road Nursery School is concerned with the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the children. Every child is unique and, therefore, the teaching is geared to the individual. The children’s education begins at the level of their ability and the teaching is adopted to their individual needs.

Our intention is to help each child on the experience and knowledge they bring from home to develop skills and gain knowledge, both through play and through formal teaching, which will be relevant both to their development and their future in a rapidly changing world. The aim of our nursery is to provide a multi-cultural programme which reflects the community it serves.

We value diversity at the nursery for the experience and knowledge it brings. We are committed to the fundamental right of all children to gain access to the best education we can provide.

Our Team


At Nicoll Road Nursery we have highly qualified and experienced staff.

All staff have been trained in paediatric first aid and we have people in charge of safe guarding, special educational needs and a fire officer.

For children aged 6 months – 2 years we operate a ratio of one member of staff to every three children. For children aged 2-3 years a ratio of one member of staff to every four children and for children 3-5 years a ratio of one staff member to every eight children. These are our minimum requirements and we aim to exceed these.

Every child will be allocated a key person who is responsible for setting your child’s target and reviewing their progress and liaising with parents to keep you informed. Children’s progress files can be accessed by parents freely whenever you wish.

We have specialist physical teachers who visit the setting to do football; and dance & music classes